Fire Suppression


Fire Suppression systems are typically found in locations of high value or where critical equipment is located or in areas where there are flammable liquid hazards.

FM200 is a typical fire suppression agent. It is a clean agent which leaves no residues once discharged. It is not electrically conductive. It produces minimal oxygen reduction. FM200 is a popular extinguishant choice for data centers, comms rooms, machinery control centers and any other high value locations that are staffed or occupied.

Whilst FM200 has no impact on the ozone layer it does contribute to global warming. Companies involved in the installation, service and maintenance of FM200 systems are required by EU law to have an F-Gases registration certificate.

Leinster Fire Safety is an F-Gases registered company and our fire suppression service engineers are F-Gases trained. We also provide a service exchange facility for FM200 cylinders requiring a ten year cylinder pressure test.

We provide room integrity testing for rooms protected with FM200 suppression gas to ensure the rooms remain air tight and can retain sufficient amounts of suppression gas to prevent a re-ignition of fire once initially extinguished.