Fire Extinguishers


When caught in its early stages, a fire may be successfully extinguished. However, the correct fire extinguishers must be used. It  must be used at the right time. And it must also be used in the hands of a competent person.

Your building should be equipped with the correct combination of portable fire extinguishers. These will assist the properly trained person to tackle any fire in its infancy.

Our portable fire extinguisher technicians can visit your premises. We will advise you as to which combinations of fire extinguishers best suit your business and its associated fire risks.  We supply Foam, Dry Powder, CO2, Water and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers in sizes tailored to the specific fire risk. We will identify where best to locate these combinations of extinguishers within your building. We can also supply fire blankets should your fire risk require them.

Old extinguishers are disposed and recycled in an environmentally friendly manor.

We provide full fire extinguisher training and fire marshaling training. All our fire extinguisher services are certified and carried out in accordance with Irish Standard I.S.291:2002 for servicing, inspecting, and locating fire extinguishers.