Emergency Lights


Emergency Lighting Systems are designed to help you make your way out of your premises safely, in the event of a power failure.

Correctly positioned emergency lights provide a consistent level of emergency lighting in your open plan areas. They also provide adequate illumination of your emergency exit routes. This helps you navigate your way around the usual hazards found in modern buildings.

Emergency Exit signs are required to unambiguously show the direction of the escape route.  Strategically located emergency exit signs clearly indicate the quickest escape route from your current location in the building.

Our  NSAI FETAC level 6 trained and registered designer and Commissioner/Inspector of Emergency Lights Systems, will design your emergency lighting system tailored specifically to the needs of your building.

Our team of competent service technicians can service and maintain your emergency lights to the Irish Standard I.S.3217-2013 for Emergency Lighting Systems.

We can also provide LED emergency lights upgrade solutions for existing and aging conventional emergency light fittings. LED emergency lights have two significant advantages over conventional fittings:-

1) they provide energy savings over conventional emergency lights.

2)they provide maintenance savings through extended lamp life.Typically, lamp life for LED emergency lights is 50,000 hours.

All our  service contract customers have full access to our  24 Hour emergency on call service. Any time of the day or night you can call one of our emergency lights service technicians who will help you through any emergency lighting issues. If the issues are not resolved over the phone the engineer will make arrangements to call to site.